Thursday, October 27, 2011

Etsy Anniversary

October marks my 5 year anniversary on Etsy!  It's been a fun journey full of learning!  Before Etsy I had an online shop for a year with an embarrassing number of sales. My dream of having a career as an artist and writer was looking pretty dismal. Once I took a chance on opening an Etsy shop things gradually changed. On top of decent online sales, I learned a lot of valuable information about running a craft business from the forums and from Etsy articles. I learned the ins and outs of craft fairs and how to pick up wholesale accounts. Having a support system of other artists at my fingertips (via their forums) and a steady paycheck from things I'd made, made me confident about working harder and never quitting. And of course... In 2009, I got a book deal and released a full color art memoir with SEAL PRESS, titled, "Sweet Charlotte's Seventh Mistake". Brag, brag, brag. :)

I'm not sure what the future will bring with our 2nd US recession, but I'm feeling pretty confident that my business will continue to grow and the work will still be there.  I sincerely think there is an art movement afoot!  People want to and will buy handmade when they have the option... and our presence as working artists and dedication to our work via Etsy gives them the chance.

New in shop:

Dia de los Muertos sugar skull earrings

Mexican Talavera tile bracelet

Alhambra Islamic tile earrings

Portuguese tile cabochon drop earrings

Mexican tile cabochon drop earrings

Portuguese tile hair clip

All jewelry pieces can be found at